Terms and conditions of Perfect Home’s customer reward programme


Perfect Home’s customer reward programme is a system for customer rewards that has been created for registered users of Perfect Home’s online shop at www.perfecthome.ee.The programme enable users to collect Perfect Home ‘bonus points’ through various activities and to use these in payment for their purchases.

The benefits of Perfect Home’s customer reward programme

  • With every purchase, you earn bonus points that you can use for later purchases.
  • The more you buy, the more bonus points you earn.
  • You get access to special offers for registered customers only.
  • As soon as you register as a user, you will receive your first points, which you can use immediately, toward your first purchase.

1. Signing up for the Perfect Home customer reward programme

Signing up for Perfect Home’s customer reward programme is free of charge for anyone. To sign up, you only have to register as a user in the www.perfecthome.ee online shop, by completing the sign-up form. When you have registered as a user of the online shop, you gain Bronze Customer status immediately and can start collecting bonus points straight away.

2. Customer levels

All registered users of the www.perfecthome.ee online shop automatically are assigned Bronze Customer status, which enables them to collect and use bonus points as soon as they have registered.

Once the total value of a customer’s purchases reaches €500, that customer advances to Silver Customer level. When the total value of the customer’s purchases to date reaches €1,000, the customer moves up to the Gold Customer level.

All changes to customer level take effect within five business days from the time the relevant level is reached.

At the start of every subsequent calendar year, a customer’s level in the programme is adjusted in line with the purchases made within the last calendar year. If the total value of the purchases a customer has completed in a given calendar year is within the range for his or her current level in the programme, his or her customer level will not change. Where the value of purchases in a given calendar year is lower than the above-mentioned threshold for reaching the relevant level, the customer’s level in the programme changes accordingly at the start of the next calendar year. The following ranges apply:

  • €0–499.99 for Bronze Customer level
  • €500-999.99 for Silver Customer level
  • €1,000 or above for Gold Customer level.

3. Collection of points

Bonus points in Perfect Home’s customer reward programme may be obtained in two ways:

1. When you register as a customer, 10 bonus points are added to your account automatically.
2. For every product bought, you earn bonus points in accordance with its purchase price. No bonus points are earned for delivery costs.

The number of points collected differs with the customer level:

  • Bronze Customers receive one bonus point for every €2 paid for products.
  • Silver Customers receive two bonus points for every €2 paid for products.
  • Gold Customers receive three bonus points for every €2 paid for products.

4. Redemption of points

You can redeem any bonus points you have collected under Perfect Home’s customer reward programme to pay for products during subsequent purchases. To do that, please make sure that you are logged in to your customer account and use bonus points on checkout page. In order review block there is a button to use up your bonus points, right before the coupon code field. After clicking the button your discount will be calculated from order total. Then you will also see how many points you are redeeming for this purchase, how much discount you will get and what is the final payable amount. On "Grand Total" field you can see the final amount due. Add your address, choose shipping and payment methods and place your order.

Once payment for your order has been made, the points are deducted from your account automatically.

5. Cancellation of points

Should it happen that you are not satisfied with products you have ordered and wish to return them to us, please follow the return procedure. Once the goods have been returned to our warehouse and the purchase amount has been refunded to you, any points associated with the returned products will be cancelled. If you have already used some or all of those points in the meantime, we will deduct the amount of the associated discount from the refund given.

6. Expiry of points

Bonus points in Perfect Home’s customer reward programme expire once 180 days have elapsed from the most recent purchase transaction. If you have not submitted any orders in six months, they expire automatically; however, your customer level remains valid until the review at the beginning of the following calendar year.

In order to be informed of the coming expiry, please make sure that the contact details for your account are accurate. We will send you a reminder about the expiry of your points both by e-mail and by SMS.

7. Changes in the terms of Perfect Home’s customer reward programme

From time to time, it may happen that we wish to make changes in the customer reward programme – to provide you with even more exclusive offers, needless to say. Should we change the terms of our customer reward programme, we will notify all customers about this by e-mail at least 10 days in advance. If you do not wish to participate in the customer reward programme with the changed terms, let us know about it by e-mail (info@perfecthome.ee), and we will discontinue your participation in the programme.

8. Consent to the processing of personal data

By signing up for Perfect Home’s customer reward programme, a customer consents to the processing of his or her personal data by Home Logistics OÜ, the owner of the www.perfecthome.ee online shop. Any data submitted by a customer are secure and processed in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act. Contact details can be changed from the user-account settings after login to the online shop.